My name is Pablo Fernández Méndez (I sign using my mother’s surname). I am an environmental scientist focusing on the study of patterns, interactions and feedbacks between human societies and nature. Specialised in policy and institutional analysis from a resilience thinking and commons perspective, my aim is to contribute to the current understanding of the evolution of the conditions necessary for human cooperation to attain more equitable and sustainable opportunities, governances and outcomes in social-ecological systems (SES). The latter constitutes an object of study of the Earth System that addresses specific challenges, relationships and feedbacks among socioeconomic, institutional, natural resources and ecological components. For that purpose, the SES field relies on a complexity science lens, the use of participatory approaches to understand and tackle challenges, and the embracing of uncertainties upfront through adaptive approaches to decision making, management and governance. Currently, I am starting a collaborative search for crossovers and overlaps in two conceptual domains: (1) SES and socio-technical systems research and practice, in order to enhance the prospects for successful transformative change and innovation and, more generally, sustainability transitions in the current context of global environmental change; (2) the new theories of the policy process, using a politicised version of Ostrom’s Institutional Analysis and Development framework as an entry point. Finally, driven by my passion for science fiction, I am gaining an increasing interest in understanding how space exploration, use of resources and governance is done in an ethical and sustainable way, and what lessons and insights can be extracted from such novel understanding to address global systemic risks under radical uncertainty.

When in a consultancy capacity, I enjoy working in the resolution of complex problems with other people, in design or systems thinking mode. My role is an analyst applying research-based ways for improving policy and decision making under uncertainty in different sectors: natural resources; nature conservation; ecosystem management; environmental, coastal and urban planning; biodiversity; fisheries; tourism; and emergency aid. I have experience in facilitating and organising (individually or collaboratively) social interaction in meetings and workshops, including conflictive or competitive situations dominated by large power asymmetries or highly invested actors.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Management (INGENIO, CSIC-UPV), the eLTER Advanced Community Project and the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC). I also collaborate externally with the Remote Sensing and GIS Lab of the Doñana Biological Station (EBD-CSIC).

You can get in touch with me through: